Personalized vitamins to improve your .

A vitamin routine built for your DNA & lifestyle, delivered monthly.
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Vitamins made for your DNA

Get personalized vitamins backed by your DNA insights in 3 easy steps. Powered by the world’s fastest DNA test and the leading CLIA-certified laboratory.

Step 1


Follow the easy kit instructions to spit in the provided tube. Register your tube using the barcode so we know it’s yours – then mail it back to our lab in the prepaid box.

Step 2

DNA Report

Our CLIA-certified lab will produce your full DNA report in just 3 days. Quickly discover which vitamins you need based on your unique genetic blueprint.

Step 3

Personalized Vitamins

Get daily vitamin packs delivered to your doorstep every month – your 1st month is free! Every single vitamin is tailored to your unique DNA and lifestyle.

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Health goals made easy

Your DNA report tells you which vitamins you need based on your unique genetic blueprint.

Improve key health goals like your immunity, energy, sleep, digestion, fitness & more.

Why DNA?

How It Works

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Affordable monthly plans

We analyze 67 million combinations to create a unique vitamin plan that’s tailored to your DNA and lifestyle.

Easily adjust or cancel your monthly plan for free, anytime. Your 1st month of vitamins is free!

Highest Quality Ingredients

Daily Vitamin Packs

Get your tailored health plan today with zero risk

Evoke Vitamin Bundle
Evoke Vitamin Bundle
DNA Kit + Free 1st Month Vitamins
  • Free 1st Month Personalized Vitamins
  • Saliva-based DNA Test Kit
  • Complete DNA Report
  • DNA results in just 3 days
  • CLIA-Certified & HIPAA-Verified Lab
  • Free shipping on all orders

After your free 1st month, your vitamin subscription will be billed monthly. Plans start at $15/mo. Easily adjust or cancel your plan for free, anytime.

Limited Time Only

Ingredients you can trust.
Results you can feel.

Your personalized vitamins are formulated by expert nutritionists, geneticists, and chemists. Made using premium quality ingredients that are ethically sourced & backed by modern science.
Gluten & Lactose Free
No Artificial Additives or Fillers
Vegan Options
Third Party Tested

Better health means happy customers

Our customers are living healthier & happier lives with personalized vitamins. Are you ready to get started?

  • H
    Denver, Colorado
    Thank You Evoke

    I have been taking Evoke vitamins for a few months now and since then I have noticed many changes in my health. My colds/flu have reduced. No cold sores. I am not exhausted by 2 pm and I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore. I am no longer buying random vitamins and guessing what I need which costed me loads. I love how it’s tailored to my body and the service is super efficient with no issues in delivery. Thank you so much Evoke.

  • K
    Karen C.
    San Diego, California
    Brilliant service

    Very interesting insights and amazing vitamins. Through the DNA test I found out that I had to increase my folate and vitamin D dramatically. Been feeling a lot healthier, energetic, and strong since taking Evoke’s vitamins. Would definitely recommend to my family and friends 😀

  • V
    Houston, Texas
    With Evoke it is different

    I buy vitamins then I forget to take them. Cannot be bothered with opening numerous expensive bottles. With Evoke it is different. Vitamins tailored to me, I took the DNA test and did their lifestyle questionnaire. The vitamins come in very handy strips and I am blown away by their quality. This is an amazing service and I highly recommend it to anyone.

  • B
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    HUGE difference

    I tried several different vitamins, but never really saw a difference in my wellbeing. Now that my vitamins are personalized I only take what my body actually needs. In a few weeks I already felt a HUGE difference in my wellbeing and I feel more energized with less pain in my joints!

  • A
    Amiya T.
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    You need this

    This is a fantastic kit, well worth it, easy to use, easy to manage the subscription and high quality vitamins

  • T
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Excellent way to take control of your own health

    I turned 40 this year, and seems to be common amongst those of a certain age, it sparked a desire to live healthier. The DNA test has helped me understand my personal genetic predispositions. Turn out I was low in Omega-3 fatty acids and a couple other nutrients. Taking the vitamins has made me feel more together and putting my health as a priority.

  • D
    Dan W.
    Seattle, Washington
    Worth every penny

    You can go through life oblivious of your own personal health needs. I questioned time after time will these generic multis actually work….. then I came across Evoke and everything changed for me. Vitamins fine tuned just for me based on my DNA wow just wow. The process was so easy: order kit, send DNA, wait 3 days for results, order bespoke vitamins. It’s that easy…. when the results came in it was not complicated to digest the info it was very informative and none of this sciency jargon.

  • E
    Orlando, Florida
    Fast and easy

    I was afraid my vitamins would take forever, but they weren’t kidding about 3 day DNA results. Shipping was fast and I compared this to other DNA vitamin delivery services, and this is by far the better deal. The pre-made packs make it easy to throw into your bag and take wherever.

  • K
    Los Angeles, California
    Evoke does what it says and more

    The kit changed my life truly! Not only are their vitamins backed by science (many other companies have only surveys), they take into account my personal health goals and their DNA report provided critical insights into my body. Thank you Evoke for helping me to live a better version of myself.

  • J
    Newark, New Jersey
    Peace of mind

    Amazing service and range of vitamins. I was more impressed by their high-quality ingredients. I noticed a massive difference in my energy and mood. Life is fast-paced and you can’t always get your daily needs from food. Evoke gives you peace of mind you are looking after yourself.

  • L
    Loni G.
    Dallas, Texas
    Love the results!

    The fact that they are tailored to the DNA of each person is an understatement! I am very happy with the energy that I am feeling each day. Before taking these vitamins I felt fatigued during the day however, since I’ve been on these vitamins I no longer feel fatigued.

  • B
    New York, New York
    Vitamins simplified

    Vitamins can be so overwhelming. Having them in a simple package, personalized by actual science, rather than deciding for myself is great. It beats store prices of buying each bottle separately and still forgetting to take them.